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Tuesday 7 June 2005

Mobile Spam [Lurks]

There's a mobile phone sat on top of my lounge server, jacked into the serial port. It collects SMS texts from us Electric Death bods and does various things from IMDB lookups, sending on fellow-clannie mobile numbers and so on. If it doesn't understand the text, the software posts it to our IRC channel - assuming it's a message from a clannie with some random abuse. A fairly safe bet.
However of late various bits of spam have been pasted into our IRC channel. Also my own mobile phone is frequently being sent 'service messages' from random people and even O2 (my provider) as well. Just now though, the final insult, some fucker on a terribly dodgy phone line (presumably some shitty wireless headset in a dodgy industrial unit in Battersea) tells me that my contract is up for renewal.
He wants to sell me a new one. What the fuck? Why is this wanker allowed to call me and how is it that he knows my contract is up for renewal?
Bad enough being bombarded by commercial messages everywhere you fucking work, live and play but now these cunts are pushing it out to your unignorable mobile phone as well!
Ban this sick filth!


  1. See TPS Blog. Sign your mobile number up against that.
    I never get text spam on my mobile, no calls to the house now either from window salesmen.
    I do get the odd o2 reminder I can do MMS messaging, obviously I'm not spending enough with them :)

  2. Just made my first tps complaint:A ticket for a prize draw was handed to my wife. The person asked for our phone number "in case you win". We have since recieved these unsolicited marketing calls. Clearly, the request for the phone number as a contact for winning the prize was a pretence for addition to a cold call list. No mention was made of "other services", of opting in or out of a contact list.We'll see what that stirs up.