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Thursday 20 March 2003

Amazon Goofs [spiny]

First, Amazon send the techno-savvy bargain hunters into a frenzy buying 300 pound PDAs for 7 quid before having to close their site, then they try & recommend foul mouthed hip-hop.
'Yo yo yo yo checkitout maisy, ya white-bread bitch/mouse.' Sigh. In my day we had the Wurzels ;)


  1. Bah I ordered a 1910 and a 5450. I didn't expect to get them but I did expect Amazon to at least offer some reparation. The bastards, after all the money they've had off me too!

  2. Didn't you know Amazon is run direct out of Baghdad?

  3. You know, they still haven't cancelled my orders or sent me an e-mail.