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Friday 14 March 2003

Teh Xbox paradox ooh ehh ooh eeh [slim]

So like I've said, I think the xbox is a bit fucking silly as I've already got a pc and that, but now I own one I find it's got loads of games I want to play, and that is good. Tomorrow is the (official) launch of xbox live, where you pay forty quid, get a headset and some demo's in return and get to play a (very) few xbox games online with a robotic enhanced voice. The pitiful selection of games are mostly available on the PC anyway, there's no online rpg's at all and the servers are mostly shitty peer to peer, and it costs. So it's inferior to PC online gaming in pretty much every way, except the ability to play it on sofa. And yet I'm going to buy it. Why? Fuck knows. I've a ton of PC games and an everquest sub that I never play, yet I'm going to buy xbox live. There must be some kind of subliminal messaging going on here, I can't fucking explain it. Can you?


  1. I think it boils down to two things, firstly, the Xbox provides games that are often not held within the expected console genres. This is one of the primary reasons why I enjoy Xbox games, they bridge the gap between the quirky innovative PC games and the well trodden genres of console games. Being a PC owner, and coming from a PC gaming background, I don't necessarily feel cheated by the Xbox, I enjoy that fact that there are some boundary pushing PC-like games arriving on a console at last. Secondly, Xbox Live to many people is the pioneering of online gaming for console owners (admittedly the Dreamcast was the first one there - but SEGA didn't do the console justice - and its almost considered retro now). Even though online gaming has a firm foothold with PC Gamers, the Xbox Live phenomenon sees broadband phat pipe gaming opening up to the masses. The even add some sparkle by including the the 'trash talk comms' option to make sure you know you are gaming with 'real !people from all over the world'. So for me, Xbox Live is my second venture into online gaming on a console, and I am sure the buzz of signing on and playing MechAssault Live is what fuels this PC gamer to fork out for the privelage.

  2. I can only see one point for getting xbox/xboxlive atm tbh. Capcom v SNK2 online.
    I'm already on the beta for ps2 online and its quite good so far if a little sparse of games atm. Shame cvs2 wont comeout for ps2 since its already had a ps2 release

  3. Pod wants an Xbox to play KING OF TEH BEATAMUPPS when he could be playing Practically-Naked DOA Beach Volleyball. How many woofters are there in this clan exactly? :)

  4. Beej, I think you're underestimating the inner turmoil that pod is going through. He's a rabid Sony fanboi see, so the thought that the elitest online beat em up is on the ole exbox is giving him the squits. Oh and DOA volleyball sucks donkey cock.

  5. Xbox != NeoGeo then? :]