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Thursday 13 March 2003

Holy Carshit Batman! [slim]

I know, I know, it's an old game, but I've only just started playing it after picking it up from HMV for a tenner. Why did they call it Project Gotham? Anyway, its MSR, but fixed, which is a big woot. I remember just how cracklike MSR was on the dreamcast until the glaring holes in the Kudos logic became apparent allowing you to sail through the thing without any challenge. It's easier if I just list what they fixed over msr, which was already a fucking top game:

1. The kudos is fixed. YOu can no longer cheat your arse off by complying with the victory requirements on lap one, then fuck around for hours earning kudos on lap to by driving up and down. Easy fix: a timer, don't complete a lap before the time runs out, end of game.

2. It's got a slightly different structure than I remember in that the single race, arcade race and time trial shit also earns kudos and cars etc. I don't remember this being in MSR, was it? Anyway, it's cool, it means you can jump off the campain mode for a quick race and still progress the game.

3. There's a subtle difference to the way kudos is scored, but it makes a huge impact on actual play. When you earn kudos, it doesn't go into the bank right away, it hovers for a few seconds. If you hit a barrier or a cone, you lose that kudos. Play it clean for a few seconds and the kudos is banked. Means you can't just blast around and not care how much you bash the car up, you need to drive clean as well as raw to earn those points. Completely changes the way you drive it, puts the emphasis back on good cornering and sliding as it should be.

4. You no longer lose kudos from being rammed...hurrah!

5. There's an extra city. No biggie really, many of the tracks are the same as msr's, but it had so many fucking tracks that it doesn't really matter.

6. Visuals are improved a lot. It was already a looker but now it's a stunner.

So that's it. You prolly all know this, cos PGR was an xbox launch game that any xbox owners played and completed. Still, I get there in the end :)


  1. It must be said, your already suspect gaming credibility was pretty much tac-nuked into orbit concerning the xbox. We had to listen to the anti-xbox ranting time and time again. Then suddenly you buy one, which was amusing enough, but then claim it still kinda sucks because it has no good games.
    Then a few months later you do a blog going on about how one of it's launch games is the best thing evar! You fickle sack 'o shite! This shall henceforth be known as 'Pulling a Slim'! :)

  2. OK, I can see I need to pull some clarity into this thing... I still recon xbox is a con for pc owners, but that doesn't mean I'm going to fuck myself over by not actually having one. Second, I always said the xbox had one good game at launch, Halo. PRG is a superb game, but it is MSR 1.5 essentially, and if you've got msr there's really no huge reason to upgrade. I've flogged me dreamcast though and picked up PGR for a tenner in hmv, so woot. And fuck off. Cunt!

  3. Inconsistency ahoy! It's both a con for a PC gamers but you'll fuck yourself over by not having one? And the basis of saying it's a con for PC gamers is because it's basically a PC, if I remember your insane rantings before. Yet of course it's not running Windows and you've got two top exclusive games on it. You are Pulling a Slim!

  4. There's no inconsistancy really. It is a con, yet it's a con that I'm forced into accepting because I really wanna play those games. These ARE pc games, I should be able to play them on my pc, but I can't. So I have to have an xbox. It is running windows anyway, pleb!

  5. You just can't argue with shite on this level!

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  9. Could you also obtain a definition of what a biotc might be?
    I for one am categorically stumped.

  10. You guys are all jokers - You've all been completely geekily and pathetically elitist about various games, consoles, technologies, etc, and then in the epitomy of hypocracy, when you actually try said game or technology, you all switch to it.

  11. That may be be true. But at least we can handle spelling and punctuation.

  12. This guy seems a bit weak in the head really. It was me that was accusing slim of inconsistency on this. Most of us weren't 'pathetically elitist' about the xbox, or indeed anything else, but then who knows what's going through his feeble mind? I suppose reason and logic are beyond the grasp of the AOL user. I think he meant to get over to the Eurogamer fanboi forums or something.

  13. Hey, if not wanting to sink time and money into anything that Sucks Piss(TM) is "pathetically elitist" then sign me up!
    Unlike the often marauding tides of wanton fanbois and their easily impressed chums, EED represents the Donald Trump of gaming audiences; teak tough veterans of various gaming scenes, none of whom* can be bothered with games or hardware that promise the moon and deliver something closer to electronically manipulated turd.
    Give us originality! Give us excellence! Give us something WORTH the money! And in return, we may spend quite a lot of time extolling your virtuous product in the most publically righteous way.
    Look at Blizzard. They gang-fucked the online cashcow good'n'proper with WoW; and EED *adore* their offering. Doom 3 however, despite being in production longer than the Apollo Space Programme, managed to fart its way onto the scene with all the grace of a morbidly obese pole-dancer.
    So you see, you're plainly wrong. And you use AOL. Cast not stones in our front yard chummy!
    *Apart from [EED]Spiny, who frankly wets himself at the very mention of reflective texturing.