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Wednesday 19 March 2003

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down [lurks]

I was looking around a couple of game sites the other day and I found this game called Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, which I take to be some sort of movie license tie in to Novalogic's old Delta Force franchise. I haven't had a chance to look at it in detail but a demo was released last month. Anyone else check it out?
It's said to be out at the end of the month, bloke down the pub told me it might have just appeared in something called 'news loop' or something as well, but obviously I've no idea what that means.
Seems IGN was upbeat about it although they mention that despite using the crusty old Commanche engine, you couldn't control any of the vehicals. They claim AI is as bad as any we've seen before, big surprise there. However they appear to have been taken by the number of soldiers on screen. That could be fun no? Especially since it's obviously multiplayer too.
So, who wants to volunteer to check it out while I'm busy killing terrorists in Raven Shield? :)


  1. As I've asserted for years, when you can push millions of polygons around Voxel-based games just look shit. In fact, everything even to do with Voxel tech is shit. I bet Slim proves me wrong now, innit...

  2. Shut up and go get Saddam!

  3. Voxels do suck shit. Tib sun sucked shit with voxels, every delta force game has sucked shit with voxels. This new game is bound to suck shit. Shit will be sucked, oh yes.

  4. Bah. What I can't understand is why they're STILL using that fucking engine after all this time? They've obviously got a full dev studio of folks sat there, do they not think it's about time to get with the plan and start pushing the polys?