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Sunday 9 March 2003

Raven Sheild SP demo rocks woot! [slim]

The sp demo is out - and it doesn't suck piss, woot! It's back to the Rogue Spear stylee this time out, with a planning stage and indoor maps and whatnot. The planing stage is superb, very detailed and with a little preview window of the area your planning through, top. The game itself is very like the old game, but with sooper unreal 2 graphics engine making everything look very sexy indeed. Tiny niggles are some ropey transition animations, spoiling the loverly team models, but apart from that it's all hot as hell. Woot!

Ooh oh, and they've changed the threat indicator again. In RS it was ok, you had to select it, and it showed a blob on a radar. In Ghost Recon it was on all the time, and sort of showed the directionish of the threat, it was a bit shit really. Well here the threat detector is heartbeat sensor goggles, which show through walls and shit where folks are. It's perfect


  1. Hmm, when's that supposed to be out.

  2. End of the month apparently. Which puts it into Metroid Prime Time, bah!