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Thursday 27 February 2003

Transplants for pets! [lurks]

Well it turns out that today it seems likely that the law will change making it legal to perform transplants on pets. Initially cats. Of course all the unwashed vegetarian animal-lovers are up in arms. You see while it might save one animal, the donor is likely to be some stray that would otherwise be put down.
Now I also think that transplants are pretty ridiculous. You're talking about a permanent drugs regime to keep the animal alive after that. It's just a goddamn animal ffs, get a new one. However of course I differ dramatically from the animal shagging hippies on the reason for disagreeing with the practise. I mean if you're going to kill a stray anyway, what's the harm? Oh no, it's a moral issue you see because the stray couldn't volunteer. The fucking thing is going to die anyway, what's up with using a bit of gristle from it's innards?!
Personally, since such an operation is going to cost around £8,000 - I say let them do it. It's just yet another stupid tax. Fortunately I think most pet-owners will realise this is a step too far and let their beloved pet die in a dignified manner.


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