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Monday 17 February 2003

L33t music revisited [vagga]

Out with my housemates last Saturday we went to the cool 'Bar and Dining House' on Essex Road in Islington. It's a regular haunt of ours, cheap shots and downstairs they play all kinds of danceable music from the 60's thru the Happy Mondays to normal 'modern' music. Late in the night I was suffering a bit from the Tequila shots for =A32 promo and was not paying a huge amount of attention to the music. All of a sudden they seemed to turn up the music a bit and this massive noise came on. Oh my god; it was 'Run, Run, Run' from the Velvet Underground and Nico album. A real rocky jump up and down and make an idiot of yourself mouthing the words and playing air guitar kind of song :) Fantastic!! I haven't had as much fun in ages, that said I doubt I have looked such an idiot in ages who do I look like I give a fuck (indeed, do I look like I care what I look like!!)
I have all the Velvets albums on CD at home as I really liked them when I was young. I have always liked loud music that was not afraid to be a bit different. All the same I don't think I have really listened to them since they tried to reform a few years ago and released that crap live album.
So on Sunday I went into work at 9am as I had a lot to do and we had a deadline to meet that night. I was to remain at work for just over 37 hours, as one or two things went wrong that had to be fixed. I drank a large amount of coffee and about 7 cans of Red Bull in an effort to stay awake. It's amazing how we can be so productive when totally exhausted just because you having to finish some task or another. But at about 3 am I started to wish I had some mad loud music. So I sent a message to the mp3 list asking for any Velvet's. Now it goes without saying the slack fucks on that list ignored me. So I just bit the bullet and ordered the box set of all the Velvets stuff ever from the nice boys and girls at 24 hours later I had some sleep at last and I had the box set.
All I can say is fuck sake! I'm reunited with musical greatness again :)
Isn't music fuckin' great, good music is always good. Just to fuck with peoples head I have mp3's the 5 CD's of this box set and have them in a play list with some of Asam's white label stuff and Andrea Bocelli! =20
All I need now is a nice EED Rugby Jersey :)


  1. Quite, Slim, Quite. I had much the same thoughts hearing the businessnews on BBCr2 the other evening on the way home from work. The musiclabels are bleating yet again that music sales are down. What transpiresis that it's CD singles sales in particular. For once they didn't trawlout the Napster excuse but blamed kiddies spending their money on otherthings instead. DVDs, games condoms etc. Now, forgive the barking madlyobvious but I didn't hear once that people may not be buying chartsingles because they're completely manufactured, 100th one out of thesame mould CRAP!

  2. Eh? Wasn't me! I don't look like Samwise Gamgee!