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Sunday 23 February 2003

DisaSTAR [spiny]

Well, now it's happened to me :( The infamous click of death killed my 30Gb IBM drive where I keep my install stuff & half my MP3 collection. I wish I knew it before, but there's a firmware update available to extend the life of the drives. Sigh.
Still, as they say, 'no backup, no job' ;) Fortunateley I copy my mp3s to CDR for listening to at work so I'm covered there. The pain in the aspidstra has just been downloading a months worth of patches since I last backed up my installs. Nevermind, nearly done.
On the bright side the Western Digital 120Gb arrived, which I've installed XP on & imaged with ghost. Gonna set this one up properly with a acounts for all the family & a proper backup strategy :)


  1. Do you actually just make sure *all* your URLs are broken? I'm still using a IBM 75gxp in this machine as a secondary drive, I could do with the patch on it.

  2. /msg rebot remove spaces inside double quoted strings within anchor tags please/msg rebot remove spaces inserted by my mail client inside double quoted strings within anchor tags please

  3. No, Rebot is not going to start trying to work around the numerous crappy outputs of your mail client. The solution is to do a web-based blog submission page I guess.
    Which is now done, see mailing list for details.

  4. Hmm, oddly, the drive info utility says I need to update my other IBM drive's firmware but the firmware update utility says nothing needs to be done. Strange.