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Monday 10 February 2003

Chipped xboxen anyone? [lurks]

Right bitches, following on from the XBOX + MODCHIP = SHUTTLE BEATER? thread - I've decided that I'm going to chip my Xbox and use it for this sort of thing. I quite fancy the vid playing on it and all that. I was looking into doing a few of these, since I'm pretty well set up for it. Proper fitting on the header inside, robust. Disable switch wired up, either a nice black bush button to match the case or a key lock.
I was thinking I might pop an advert in Micromart (since eBay nukes all mod chip sales) and see if I can't get some business up. Of course a few at cost for clannies is no problem either. Does anyone else fancy one too?


  1. Does this mean you can make it into a little PC? Could you put linux on it and make it into an X-term or something?
    It would be a very cheap way to have an office network - all x'ing into a big server that has their home directories etc..

  2. I've been thinking of getting an Xbox for a while now, but i'm not sure if I want to chip it. What is the advantage of chipping it ?

  3. I fitted the X2Lite mod chip today, it was quick and painless - easierthan the first PS1 chipping I did that's for sure! I used Slayer'sEvox dashboard installer 2.0 and that was ridiculously easy to getgoing after I backed up the standard xbox files via FTP (heh, FTPinginto a games console, who woulda thunk it!) and so on.
    The XBox Media Player is absolutely stonking. I set up the Relaxstreaming service on Wench since I kinda failed to get 2.2 workingwith SMB and stuff. This worked a treat, I can browse through mymovies and it plays everything. Superb quality too. Much to my joy Ifound that using the Relax streaming server, you can navigate into CDimages too saving me from having to mount or unpack SVCD ISOs as well!
    The DVD playback is superb, region free of course. Blows PS2's way.Now I just need to get some more apps on the Xbox. There's UAE toinstall and not forgetting MAME. This rules, this rules a lot.
    Seems the wife can even drive the music navigation shit too, where asshe can't really drive WinAmp on Wench. The madness of all this is howyou have to hack Microsoft's console to make a device as useful asthis. Someone could have made a piece of hardware to do all of thisand cleaned up. As it is, since MS are cutting their throats on thecost of the Xbox, you can get a full loaded media station in the formof a modded Xbox, DVD remote, RGB Scart etc for around 2 ton. Blinder!

  4. A whisper from my GAME store manager friend is the PS2 is coming down to a ton soon. Also that M$ will follow suit with a similar cut as this is their pricing strategy vs the ps2. Hmm, my first games console & I wouldn't even play games on it :) My plastic is starting to itch :)
    -- Cheers :-) [EED]

  5. Leaving sigs on blog-by-mails, ho ho. :) PS2 down to a ton soundsplausible (I just got shot of one on ebay for £230!) but the Xbox Idon't think so, M$ are already losing vast sums of money on the Xboxsubsidy as it is. I think they'll be happy to have it seen as apremium price console compared to the PS2 but of course, they'llactually be wanting to get some game on it that justifies it...
    As a DVD player, ethernet media player and incidental console, an Xboxis astounding value for money today. Assuming you chip it. As just aconsole, you'd want a PS2 since it actually has good games.