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Tuesday 4 February 2003

tatu - taboo [spiro]

Just read on the BBC webbie that the Russian pop duo Tatu have reached the number one slot in the UK with 'all the things she said'.
At the same time they have been accused of promoting 'paedophilic pop'. Lotta put a link for the video to this song in IRC a while ago, for those of you who haven't seen it, they are dressed as school girls and at one point they kiss see it here. Their creator, Ivan Shapovalov, has admitted that Tatu are what he called an 'underage sex project' designed to appeal to men in search of 'underage entertainment'. Sorry, what ? This can't be good business sense, are there really enough people in his target audience to make it worth his while, I don't think so. Also I don't really think that his target audience are likely to go out and buy enough copies to place it at number one. If this is the case how come the other videos I've seen don't follow the same theme.
Is this really the first time that this idea has been used ? The school girl image is used all the time, School Disco in London is based totally on this theme, I don't see anyone trying to close them down. Britney used it and also ended up at number one, I didn't see anyone scream and shout at that. I'm sure there are loads of other examples in everyday life. So it can't be the school uniform thing so it leaves age and the fact that they claim to be lesbians.
The two girls Julia (16) and Lena (17) kiss in the video, as far as I know kissing isn't illegal, at any age, please correct me if i'm wrong on this.
From the BBC site - The video prompted TV presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan to call for the song to be banned. Madeley branded them 'sick', and Finnigan denounced them as 'paedophilic entertainment'.
All videos go through a rating system much like films and television programmes, I'm sure that had this video required a higher rating it would of got one. The past has show us that no matter how famous the star is, if the video is deemed to be to graphic they ban it instantly. In Light of recent events I'm also convinced that if the video was considered to be paedophilic in anyway it would be banned immediately.
Please tell me this isn't due to homophobia.


  1. Beej sucksShit, I take that back - Beej sucks piss.

  2. So, have you got the single Spiro? :)

  3. Nope, I have the album :-)