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Wednesday 5 February 2003

Boss monsters [spiny]

Boss Monsters.
I hate em. Lots. Even more than belly button fluff.
Yes they are big & impressive but beating them is just a case of wearing down their 500% heath or whatever. And they ALWAYS, ALWAYS have a weakness in the AI which makes this pointless anyhow. You can always spot a pattern or vunerability or trick them into getting stuck on scenery while you pop away from the comfort of your camping spot behind a crate or wherever.
They are boring, they do not work as a gameplay element, they went out of style when galaxians came out.
Unreal 2 has them. DE put them in. Bad Boys DE, Bad Boys. No boss monsters next time, eh? Try an engrossing plot instead.

1 comment:

  1. Try for a half decent game instead. Boss monsters are just one example of the run-of-the-mill approach Legend took to making Unreal 2. It's like 'Oh let's make a pretty level. A game? Crap, better put some bots in'.