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Tuesday 4 February 2003

What are we to do with Mugabe? [brit]

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?
The saga that is Zimbabwe under dictatorial rule continued apace today, with farcical scenes erupting outside the courthouse where Mugabe's primary political opponent is being tried for treason.
The British High Commissioner, The American Ambassador, and a German diplomat were all prevented from entering the courthouse by Mugabe's riot police; despite the judge making it clear that anyone with an interest in the proceedings could attend.
In one morning, Robert Mugabe became an official dictator; removing the separation between executive and judicial branches of government. He didn't stop there however, four hours after the judge announced that anyone could attend, he passed a new media law which states that only approved journalists can attend trial proceedings.
Who does the approving? why - none other than the state run, Mugabe controlled Media Agency.
Zimbabwe has now hit rock bottom. Economically, socially, internationally, democratically, politically.. a once proud and industrious country (a veritable jewel within the African continent) has been reduced to a Titanic failure; almost singularly by one man - President Robert Mugabe.
The trial however, is made all the more important by the simple fact that if the defendant loses, he'll also lose his life. Treason (much like being a White Farmer) is punishable by death.
Mugabe's grip on Zimbabwe is at once chilling and impressive; he conducts himself in exactly the same way as any other dictator (so lining up nice comparisons with Iraq, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and others) and continues to ride high whilst maintaining his lifestyle at the expense of everyone in his country (cronies aside).
Yet essentially, the western democracies do nothing - of course, they are almost certainly too busy rallying their padres for a jaunt out East - and Mugabe continues to bankrupt and rape Zimbabwe of everything he can lay his hands on.
We *NEED* to sort Zimbabwe out; we owe it to the millions of starving oppressed Zimbabweans, we owe it to those who have invested their lives in the country only to see Mugabe wield his ax and remove them by force, and we owe it to ourselves - to remove with a definite degree of permanence yet another rampantly idiotic man from power.


  1. Mugabe's R74m Mansion

    In addition, the estate also is guarded by highly sophisticated security systems, including a multimillion-rand radar system.
    Chemical and biological sensors have been placed at strategic points along the approach routes to the estate to enable early detection of any form of "attack".

    Mansion - or fortress? What a Nazi.

  2. Good article there Beej - I like this bit:
    According to Mugabe, the mansion was not built with ratepayers' money but with donations from countries such as Serbia...
    Yes, ok - what about the radar system and biochem detection gubbins?
    Personally, I reckon he should be allowed to move in, and then get treated to a couple salvos of Tomahawk missiles. You know, as a house warming gift from the West.

  3. "Hello, London here. Well, we'd like to help you out chaps...Problem is, um, youdon'thaveanyoil. Sorry & all that. Chin Chin."