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Wednesday 12 February 2003

Games are not evil shocker! [spiny]

Check out this BBC Article. Apparently games do not make you into some sort of psychopath.
At last some sensible research is being done to counter all the scapegoating that games get for shooting & anti social behaviour. Professor Cleverhead's highlight quotes for me are:
  • The strategy and tactics used by many regular players and teams, or clans, often makes it seem like a game of chess
  • The importance of the social side of Counter-Strike was revealed in the constant banter
  • To outsiders this game talk can be impenetrable and lead people to misinterpret what is going on
  • many studies of game playing have been skewed by hidden agendas

Well, as they say...'No shit sherlock!'. This could have come from the mouth of any remotely articulate gamer. But are they ever asked? No. Why? Well, I think the last quote says it all really. Don't you?


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