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Wednesday 5 February 2003

Headphone Recommendation [spiny]

I've been listening to music at work for, um, ages. Up to now though in-ear headphones, mostly to avoid the pointing and the 'ha ha look, is it Smashey or Nicey?' comments.
Now, it's become more & more common for people to listen to music while working. Mostly clueless people with windows nt4 cd player with the occasional winamp user. The upside is that there's a lot of 'streetwear' headphone wearers. You know, the one's that you're itching to put on backwards & do the Geordie Le-Forge impression with.
Well with the social stigma of having headphones that are actually ON you're ears removed, I had a look at Sennheiser. Anyway, I've just got hold of a late chrimbo present in the shape of a pair of PX200s.
Well, what can I say, the're very good. A match for my aging & motheaten full size headphones at home. Miles better than the in- ear sort. I'm actuall hearing new instruments in some music. And there was me thinking it was just my ears that were knackered :)

  • Discrete for 'proper' headphones
  • ,
  • fold up into a nice safe carry case,
  • Sound good, which for headphones is quite handy.

  • Folding mechanism can't really be described as 'robust'
  • Not quite as comfy as in-ear buds

1 comment:

  1. I've long been a fan of Sennheiser headphones but the thing to realise is that they make headphones all the way from ultra cheap and nasty through to ridiculously expensive studio monitors. I have two pairs which I use at home, one which is better if I need to listen for the phone etc - the HD 470s (Discontinued) and a pair of full ear cover monsters, HD 580 Precisions. The latter are wonderfully comfortable and block out external sound nicely.
    For work, I'd personally plumb for an equivalent to the 470, one of the current 400 series. They're larger than the ones you've linked (with a broken URL of course :) but they're still not huge and you can hear people saying things.