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Sunday 16 March 2003

Devastation what? [lurks]

It seems as if some time today there's going to be a multiplayer demo of Devastation released. The game has also apparently gone gold as well. It looks like it's yer bog standard FPS based on the Unreal engine and it doesn't seem to be promising anything new.
The 'Game info' bit of their web site is basically a technical feature list rather than telling you anything unique about the game. So that doesn't really bode well but the screen shots do look nice. It might be good for a laugh if nothing else.
I just took a look at video of it. It looks like, surprise, Unreal although it's got a present-day military feel like CS or something. Anyone hold hope for this not sucking donkey dick?


  1. Ooh an fps. Ooh dm and ctf multiplayer modes. Ooh. zzzzzzzzzzz

    I think Raven Shield is about the only fps I'm wooting about at the mo. Oh and Metroid Prime on the gamecube!

  2. I think there's potential fun to be had with an action FPS like this but it's a hard game to make excel. It's got to be really good to be worth touching and you can lay your money on the fact they will have reinvented some particular wheel and replaced with something utterly crap.
    Hmm what happened to that Swede game now that I think of it, New World Order? Ran like a dog, utterly borked controls, bugger as hell but that was a test last year sometime... It was a rather blatant commercial rip-off of CS, which has the potential not to be a bad thing.
    Not sure why I thought the demo for that was today, everything I look at now says next thursday.

  3. NWO was released and turned out to be an pile of utterly unplayable shite. I mean reallly shite. Utterly utterly fucking shitty shite. Shite like you've never seen shite before. Shite after a week of eating mcdonallds all day breakfasts. That shite.

  4. Oh, I must have mentally blocked that out. Swedish game development has been on a downhill run ever since Pinball Dreams really.