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Tuesday 18 March 2003

News aggregation [jay]

Whilst munching on some lunch today at work, I made a really satisfying discovery, a widget called Klipfolio. It's a little desktop application, with its own ui that sits pretty and allows you to dock onto it, tickers for your favourite content sites. Essentially it's a news aggregator.
I've heard of these before, but never looked that closely at them, thinking why should I bother getting one of those when I regulary visit my favourite sites anyhow? After installing Klip and grabbing a ticker for BBC News, Slashdot, DevArticles and leaving the standard weather report on there, I had a closer look through their directory and found other sites which I wouldn't have thought would be in there, like other developer sites, art inspiration sites (nameley the infamous K10K), once added, I found myself every now and then (not enough to bother my work), checking these sites and reading up on content I wouldn't normally read, which surely is a good thing, for both the site and my general knowledge.
The best ticker I found though was one called Koogle, for the Google news service, which has quite a number of items in it, but in light of recent events, it's really bloody handy for finding out the latest on the War situation without spending silly amount of time away from my work.
It's really customisable as well, you can change its appearance (with preferences and skins), where and how big the tickers go, if you want the items to scroll (very useful) and if you want any alerts set up for keywords of your choice. An essential for my desktops now. Go get it!

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