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Wednesday 19 May 2004

Huzzah [am]

Und zo, the muppetry that passes for BT's normal record updating process has ground round slower than an arthritic hamster in a very rusty exercise wheel but has finally updated to show that I do indeed have the telephone number they provided me with and which has been live since last friday. Sigh. Why does this matter? Well because I couldn't order broadband before ffs!
Anyway, I've succumbed to the small hops, the low pings, the joy of dsl (no cable in my area) and in summary I've gone 1meg Nildy. 7-10 days it says. Come on!

1 comment:

  1. My folks are having broadband installed. It's been 2 weeks plus since I ordered it for them and still no activation dates. Gits!