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Tuesday 11 May 2004

Tube driver scumbag [lurks]

When my alarm goes off, Radio 4 comes on. So I lay there listening to the current day's news and they've got that tube driver bloke on. The bloke who was sacked by London Underground on account of the fact that he basically didn't show up, on average, one day every week for the last year or so. He's off sick again, right, broken leg or something. Acting on a tip off (obviously not a well liked chap), one of the managers pops down to the local sports club and spies said tube driver coming out of the squash courts. When taken to task, apparently it's all doctors orders and it's OK because he lost most of the games...
So why is this bloke on the radio? Well, you may recall that the union kicked off some strikes because of the 'unfair' sacking of said tube driving scumbag. I think I blogged about it before? The thing is, at the tribunal, this bloke got off. That is to say, he won his case for unfair dismissal. Won it. On a technicality. So boss of transport worker union turns up to the tribunal and awards the guy ... a squash racket.
Words fucking fail me. Well, they would if I wasn't such a gobby fucker. Just how does one express the necessary contempt for this lazy workshy scumbag and the union which has seen fit to penalise the entire capital city of this country on behalf of said lazy workshy scumbag? Even if this bloke did turn up to work, he'd do around 30 hours a week and takes home £35K per year. For pushing the fucking FORWARD AND STOP lever and occasion the DOORS OPEN and CLOSE buttons.
That's all this wanker has to do. That's it. So he can fucking transport all the people in the train to their infinitely more taxing jobs. He wont even do that. He skives, he pulls sickies consistently. This man was on the radio. They interviewed him. He had absolutely nothing to say for himself. No sorry for skiving, no sorry for holding the city randsom for a lazy workshy scumbag. Nothing.
And of course we have these seemingly all powerful unions protecting scumbags like this. It's a mockery, a sham. They're laughing at us. Laughing at us as we pay our drastically inflated tube fares, laughing at us as they hand a squash racket to this talentless skiving fuckstain.
This is what our great society has managed to achieve. Something which is far more concerned with the rights of someone who has no intention of pulling their way, than it is the meagre concerns of a productive and functioning society. It almost makes you wish we had a proper monarchy again. Hauled up in front of Her Majesty with a full list of crimes against the State read out, I feel sure that a Queen would have no other choice than to cry;

1 comment:

  1. You forgot to mention the job task of random injection of some completely incomprehensible muttering over the P.A system before stopping the train for good at the next station.. or the task of stopping the train mid-tunnel in mid-summer for five minutes, which feels like an eternity. Oh, also don't forget the task of violently closing the doors after only two seconds of them being open.