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Friday 28 May 2004

Wimmin. Wimmin and Work. Sigh. [brit]

I'm sure you've all heard of the glass ceiling that wimmin face; if shaven-headed lesbotarts are to be believed, every woman struggles to earn more than 40p a week because of the evil man things that control teh worlds!
Anyway since the glass ceiling is now all but defunct, a throw back to the 80s much like most of Beej's record collection *g* they've decided that this time it's the glass cliff they face! oh yes dear reader, a cliff no less!
So, what can we do eh? if wimmin don't get promoted to CEO within 5 years, it's because they are being sexualised against. NOW if they DO get promoted, it's only in those roles that are so fraught with danger and risk that they can't get down the shops at lunch or pop in for a 'doo and then they end up breaking down with teh stress and teh wimmins problems.
It's a win win for the Sinead O'Connor-a-likes that fill out all those Take-A-Break style one-third page 'shock exposes' on people like Harriet, who after working 14 hours a day for 3 years was only given a bonus of a million quids!
14 hours? is that all I hear you cry! damned right that's *all* - you don't hear those Nike footwear makers in Bangalore complaining and they do 200 hours a day!
Holy smoke!


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