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Friday 14 May 2004

Lappies recovered! [am]

In an incredibly erm enthusiastic moment I delblogged this blog. Bless the power of google cache ;)
Sony are holding a press gravy trip out to Brussels this weekend for their Vaiovision tour. I can't make it since I'll be over at E3 but it seems that they've kicked off the launch of the new products in Japan already.
E series - What looks like budget notebooks based on Celeron-Ms. A series - Super sexy widescreen sleek desktop replacements based on Dothans to Celeron-Ms. All with DVD writers. U series - The tiny little tablet things seem to have turned into little media players with little add-on keyboards?! Madness. A series - Media player cum iPod type thing. Vaio Pocket... Hmm. Nice new lappies. Nothing particularly new on the sub notebook side of things so nothing which is going to make the EED TR1MP owners get jealous. The tablet thinggy looks pointless to me and the A-series iPod competitor looks too big and overly complex. Bet it doesn't do MP3 either. Screen looks odd, it has some colour bit in the middle with B&W status displays to the side? I really don't get what they're doing with that matrix of buttons, anyone else?
rabido: You missed out the S-Series
Lurks: Hmm, widescreen portables. Smaller screens. Top models are Radeon 9700 powered but widescreen is no good for games. Nice kit but not startling. You made noises about something that was gonna blow socks off, any of this lot? I'm a tad underwhealmed so far.
rabido: Personally I'm going for the S1 series with a Mobility Radeon 9700. I do a lot of number crunching at work - thus making the dothan part really useful whilst I still want portability. You can always play games in XGA with out a zoomed screen....
Am: Well it shure wurz purdy that S range and the thinness of an after eight mint but unfortunately, old bean, until it gets Onyx Black screen technowlodgee NO DICE BATMAN!!!!


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