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Tuesday 11 May 2004

Music Plasma [lurks]

This thing called Music Plasma is the coolest thing ever. You basically type in the name of a band you like and it draws a graphic depiction of bands somewhat similar, so it's superb at finding shit you might like. If you leave it on a favorite, a window pops up and it shows you all their albums too. Bugger me, nifty!
They do fuck it up mind. The Streets and Kings of Leon? Oh please!


  1. That absolutely rocks. Just how much data must be behind the fucking thing?

  2. Clever money making excersize this. For a fairly minimum amount of work, this chap has made a good destination site which will make you buy albums through the Amazon affiliate scheme. Well, two can play at that game. Here's my idea for a music related web site.
    You type in the name of a band. Up pops a list of similar bands. You pick the one which is going to challenge yours and then click FIGHT! The databass has a list of band members and via some clever maths, rolls up some stats bassd on the band members names. Then you get a simulated D&D style battle between the bands in order to obtain a winner.

    Freddy Mercury shrieks at George Harrison and HITS for 10 damage. George Harrison survives!
    John Lennon swings a guitar at Roger Taylor and HITS for 25 damage. Roger Taylor is KILLED!
    Brian May slashes a guitar at Paul McCartney and HITS for 29 damage. Paul McCartney is KILLED!
    Battle round 2...

    If the other band wins, you have to buy their album. Makes sense, doesn't it?

  3. I once went to see a Stone Roses tribute band. They were brilliant, far better live than the Roses ever were. So I formulated this plan that will come into effect when I seize power...
    Every couple of years in a band's life, they should be forced to face off against any and every tribute band that sees fit to sing their songs. I mean, real physical combat like... none of this fannying around with music competitions. Anyway, the last band standing gets to assume the name and sing the songs of the original band in an official capacity - effectively, they become the band. The original bums are consigned to a life of pub touring for the rest of eternity.
    My view is that the consumer wins out. See, I enjoyed watching the Roses tribute band, but felt a little bit as though I was seeing a cheap rip-off. If the band I watched had won the mantle of the Stone Roses in a fair fight, or if I could have bought an official t-shirt or mug, then I reckon I would've enjoyed the night a whole lot more.

  4. I like what you're saying. It's true too. Tribute bands play the stuff people want to hear, not the latest piss poor album that no one will buy. It's a renewing scheme too. I shouldn't think the old Abba would put up much of a fight with the new one. Although I suspect such a prolonged policy might see the fielding of some ringers. You know, Jet Li on drums, Van-Damne on bass. Which might compromise the music but, I think you'll agree, provide for a more interesting fight.

  5. There wouuld appear to be some wierdness going on with it.. Searching for 'Katie Melua' finds nothing, where as ' Katie Melua' gets hits. Have to say, the artists it comes up with for that search aren't exactly quality recomendations either. But all in all, a very nice little tool and a very slick little flash App. Worth keeping in my bookmarks ta!