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Friday 7 May 2004

Nailgun error [lurks]

This bloke here right. This is an Xray of Isidro Mejia. 39 year old builder in Hollywood. You might see something odd, you know, like the six bloody great nails embedded in his brain. Apparently this is the work of a nailgun that has both a manual and 'fully automatic' setting. It slipped and err, well, own goal type thing.
Does anyone remember that big ass nail gun in quake. It was well nasty with those ricocheting nails. See now had he played Quake, he'd have known right, that's my assertion.
But really, what gets me about this sort of nonsense is that after all that, the bloke didn't even have the bloody decency to die and thus create - presumably - an amusing and fresh entry into the Darwin Awards hall of fame. He's expected to make a full recovery, for Pete sake. You know, I've had people cheat me like that in Quake too.


  1. He must have a fucking low ping.

  2. The Pentagram more like.

  3. So was this on automatic or does he have a really admirable approach to working that manual setting?

  4. Perhaps it was a nice kinda tickling feeling. You know, maybe the first nail switched on the groovy gland.

  5. What the hell do you need a 'full auto' setting for anyway.. surely nails should go in particular places as opposed to being sprayed across a wall. :)

  6. Well... for when the aliens invade I expect!

  7. Look at that picture and try and re-enact the situation using a hair dryer. Stand facing a wall, *try* and hold the hairdryer directly behind your head, facing forward, and then imagine a 4-6' nail firing straight into the back of your neck.
    Do you: a) grin inanely, shout 'FUCK YEAH!' and keep the trigger pulled, joyfully abandoning sanity as the nailgun happily throws large chunks of sharp metal into your head or b) shout 'OW OW OW FUCKING HELL OW!' and drop the nail gun and go about doing something regards REMOVING the nail...
    This bloke is clearly a Grade 1, Type A 'Tard, and I'm utterly dismayed, as Lurks is, that we've been cheated a stunning Darwin Awards entry.

  8. /me pictures Brit with a hairdryer...

  9. Whatever turns you on Beejy boy.....

  10. a)Why does he look like an ape?b)Where's his teeth gone?c)How is he going to get through airport security?
    p.s. if you join up the lines you get an amazingly accurate picture of 3 megahealths piled on top of each other!