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Friday 14 May 2004

Rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling [am]

Well so it comes to pass. I sit here in my den (sorry lair) of 0wnerage and like Alistair Macfuckface I sign off on my last letter from Sarf East Lahndan! For the entire time I've been in the clan - five years? - I've been writing total bollocks in your general direction from about the same square mile in Lee, SE12, three of a half of it in this gaff. Tomorrow we move, unless some cunt wants to cunt the whole thing up in a level of cunting that will bring a new definition to the possibilities of cunts' cunting, to our new gaff in Whitstable on the North Kent Coast.
Readers, it's not an unsad moment for me.
Over the last five years+ I've had more laughs than I could ever have imagined possible from randomly replying to a 'Clan needs members' posting on gameplay. Lurker recruited me because 'his email was complete garbage and I didn't understand what the fuck it was on about but it seemed entertaining' and in that respect, I hope I've managed to keep standards to a consistent low. Simultaneously, we've roadtripped, we've lanned and by god have we had a couple of drinks. In short, as I sit here in the dimmed out solitude of my lair for the last time, I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. I remember it all - from not actually knowing what the fuck lurker meant by 'drop by #eed' and managing to elicit it was IRC without him dropping me (good hair day) to the general insanity that came to pass. Coming from never having played a PC game of any seriousness to smacking Slim up in a Q3 duel in a year in a half remains a favourite :)
Anyway, by the time I read this again, I'll have a different IP and I'll deny I ever posted it. But this has been a home from home, a place of my most favourite mates, and a place where I've pissed myself laughing and got pissed until laughing I pissed myself. Or something.
I can't wait to plug in from the coast and give you more ritual abuse. The best news is I know Nildy have a 2meg potential in the new gaff so I'm going to be 1 / 1.5 megged up. In the meantime I'll hit the diseased return button on this keyboard one last time and wish you adieu from the south of the smoke. Tomorrow, turning right at the burning cars, I depart for a different life.
Ta ta


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