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Wednesday 11 February 2004

DC hints and tips [beej]

TIP #1! You can make a buddylist in 1942 and DC that turns players on the map from a normal arrow to a green one.
- get ID of player (from TAB or by typing 'lp' at console)
- type 'ab ' to add to buddy list
- type 'rb ' to remove from buddy list


  1. Hmm, and this has to be done each map I guess?

  2. It's a step in the right direction, but the whole team orientated command interface absolutely sucks, there is SO much we should be able to do here.
    I had an idea for a mod too, or a mod of a mod - the ability to fire distress flares, and so indicate visually where you are when you require assistance. Easily spottable by ground and air forces alike, it would be a fairly trivial implementation I reckon and could pay dividends.
    But, command interface stuff really needs sorting. I want to be able to easily see map references, have a waypointing system, and actually use the map as a tactical command aid, rather than something hideously unwieldy that doesn't show the pertinent info quickly enough.Oh, another one, and this is fairly obvious but failure to adhere to it is cretinous.
    In an armoured battle, do NOT, EVER bring your vehicle to a stop. I've lost count of the number of times I've knocked out M1A1s, Bradleys and whatnot in BDM-2's, because they've stopped moving in order to track me.
    Another thing, anti air units (Zeus AAA and Vulcan) are essential anti infantry and anti light armour repellants; face them on a downward slope, and use them to cut a scythe through the onrushing hoards.And another thing.. landmines.
    If you're going to mine, and for the love of god don't be shy, do two things - a) tell people where you've mined; TS is essential see? and b) don't mine the middle of the roads; mine round the edges and up the sides a bit - people *know* where you're likely to mine and I've seen tanks and whatnot climb over all sorts rather than go down a 'safe road' - even if you don't blow them up, they've still had to slow down their advance just in case, and this can buy valuable time.

  3. most important thing is to stop when you see a skull on your screen. its the friendly mines symbol, couldnt be any more clear methinks :)

  4. TIP #2! Here's a list of vital radio hotkeys. At the very least please memorise F3 F1 and F3 F2...F1 F1 - RogerF1 F2 - NegativeF2 F1 - Need transportation over hereF2 F3 - Request anti-tank supportF2 F4 - Request anti-air supportF2 F5 - Request air supportF2 F6 - Artillery ready to fireF3 F1 - Enemy Armour spotted!F3 F2 - Enemy Infantry spotted!F3 F3 - Enemy Helo in the areaF3 F4 - Enemy Ship spotted!F3 F6 - Fast mover overhead!F6 F5 - Medic!! (or need Engineer for repairs)F6 F7 - Bail out!

  5. TIP #5743! When using heavy armour to advance, it is best to team up engineer class players as the drivers and turret gunners, that way the engineers can rotate between each other, one driving and the other walking behind the vehicle whilst repairing it.
    A similar but equally effective tactic is to use one engineer who knows how to stay alive outside a tank supporting every two tanks.

  6. That would never work with EED, they'd be run over.

  7. Thought you prefered flying lurks :-)

  8. A buddylist with all the EED regulars is available here. Save it to %1942 root%\Mods\bf1942\Settings\Profiles\Custom
    If you've already got other buddies in there that you want to keep, just append the contents of the EED list to the existing file. I'll try and keep this up to date.