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Saturday 7 February 2004

Desert Combat 0.7 [lurks]

After a heck of a lot of farting around, I managed to get our server set up with Desert Combat 0.7 well enough. Vaped punkbuster (don't see this as a cheating game and the on-screen spam and start-game lag is bloody annoying) and sorted new remote admin version which works with 1942 version 1.6. Had a bit of a run around in DC and I thought I'd report on the new version.
Seems draw distances are huge now. As an example, on El Alamein as coalition, you can grab a Bradley and pound a T72 on the mountain ridge near the south flag. This has gotten a bit weird because they have also increased the projectile drop on the MBTs so at range, they're fair game for light tanks. The light tanks have had their cannons significantly upgraded too - in particular the turret angle seems to have been increased.
Apparently C4 is toned down so two are needed for a tank. I don't think that'll make much difference really. Other than this, so far I haven't noticed much but then this was supposed to be essentially a performance booster. There's a fair number of little tweaks I noticed too, crosshairs - that sort of thing.
There seems to be a fair bit of changes made to the balance of weapons but I think we'll need a lot more play to tell.


  1. The new skys really are lovely. Makes a huge difference, 73 Easting is quite atmospheric now.

  2. Right. The light tanks are now obscenely good - if they get the first hit in on an MBT, they can take them down. However, they still die really easily.
    Stingers seem to be a little more effective? Might have been imagining it though.
    Load times are improved, and as mentioned, draw distance is hyyuuge. Great for taking out sniping peons.