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Tuesday 10 February 2004

Phone Gadgets [spiro]

Ever since I bought my T68 I've been looking for gadgets for my phones like MP3/Radio. Not so much for every day use but something cheap and cheerful should I need entertainment.
I came across a tiny MP3 player (no longer being made) which could hold 10 tracks and simply plugged into the bottom of any SE phone. Unfortunately the interface with XP was shocking and you had to reduce the quality of the MP3Â’s so much they were almost inaudible.
But still it did what I needed it for, background noise. It also came with a laser pointer which although fun for cats and the occasional night out isn't all that useful
Seeing nothing else on the market except the hands free kits and headsets I stopped looking.
Today I found this
So anyone else got any cool phone or PDA gadgets ?


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