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Wednesday 11 February 2004

Should we be worried? [lurks]

I saw on the Guardian a disturbing story about a new rap music video put out by some young British muslim extremists. Apparently this is a popular in the radical circles and the song is called Dirty Kuffar, Arabic for dirty non-believer.
You can see the video here, it should be streamable on broadband but you can save-as too.
It's ... disturbing. It's the usual sort of muslim extremist nonsense and is full of a lot of violent video clips, crude captions and some morphing effects of key figures heads into pig heads etc. The bizarre bit, well like all rap I suppose, is that the leader is putting on the Jamaican accent to do his rap thing. Last time I checked, Jamaica didn't represent muslim extremists too well.
Near the end of the vid, the 'song' praises Osama Bin Laden, shows footage of a plane crashing into the world trade center and says 'Ha ha' followed by a background of laughing. Somewhere, in the UK, some of these poor sick misguided fuckwits went to the trouble to write this song, film it and then do all the editing etc. Right here in the UK. Is this typical teenage rebellious puff or should we be worried about attacks from these guys in the future?
The video leaves it in little doubt. Weapons brandished everywhere and calls to kill the unbelievers etc etc. The video was first posted on a site run by the Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights in Saudi Arabia. The boss of this crowd is al-Massari, who's been on our welcoming shores since 1994.
The guardian says;

Al-Massari did not see a problem in using Western music and MTV-like images to sell a message of jihad. He said that it was an effective way of attracting young Muslims who had been put off by other Islamic sects such as the Taliban, which banned music and dancing.

'I do not know of any young Muslim who has not either seen or got this video. It is selling everywhere. Everyone I meet at the mosque is asking for it.'

Then apparently he denied that the messages in the video incited Muslims to take part in terrorist attacks against the West, saying that the lyrics are only metaphorical. Um, right.
Two problems really, one that these pockets of people who made this video are lurking in our population and the second that moderates, if you can call Al-Massari one, are willing to apologise for them. Actually, this does worry me.


  1. The second factor worries me - that the moderates are prepared to put up with this nonsense. The existence of the stuff itself... Well, empty vessels make most noise. I grew up in the border counties of Ireland, and the place was full of 'armchair republicans' - people who'd belt out A Nation Once Again at the drop of a hat, shout 'Up the 'Ra!' in public, bore people to death with bullshit about the illegal occupation of the North and so on. Those people were, for all that I despise them, harmless fucking idiots.
    The dangerous ones were the quiet ones who actually planned and executed stuff based on their hate thought, not the ones who shouted about it in pubs. I agree that this stuff sure as hell isn't helpful, but I don't think it's a massive cause for concern. Plus, the best way to deal with this stuff is to tolerate it. This kind of amateurish, rebel-without-a-clue hatred needs to have something to rail against; if the general response to directed hatred is 'yeah, whatever' and a shrug, that'll destroy it far faster than any attempt to censor it would (in fact, censorship and 'oppression' would just make it stronger, I believe).

  2. I have to ask how different it is to irish rebel music shite like the Wolfetones who glorify the IRA and acts against britian. How about this lyric randomly picked from one of their (better) songs.
    '10 dead by not forgotten, we got 16 and mountbatten'
    Myself and Pete have a bunch of their albums on DC if you wanna get involved :)
    Music is an easy way for people to get a message across. Anyway, do people pay any attention to bad rap music like this. Its the same as Emimem slagging Chaney's wife, hence getting free press left, right and centre from her and random republicans saying what an evil prat he is - end result is that he gets free publicity and everyones gets the album and he makes lots of cash :)