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Thursday 5 February 2004

Souperb! [lurks]

I've been making soups a bit over the last few months, every coupla weeks sort of thing. I think there's another recipe of mine here but last night I made what I consider to be the finest soup I have ever tasted. It's not hard to make and even though you're all wankers that eat frozen pizza and Tesco ready meals, I thought I'd share it with you anyway.
This is what I call Lurk's Carrot and Coriander 'Bradley' Broth. Here's the stuff you're going to need;
  • Bag of carrots
  • One big potato
  • One red onion
  • One leek
  • One tomato
  • Few cloves of garlic
  • Fresh coriander
  • Cream tub
  • Wedge of butter
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Vegetable stock crap
  • Garam Masala powder

You can use a regular onion if you must. The key is the fresh coriander though, you can buy this from most green grocers and increasingly supermarkets in little plastic hanger. If you prefer a slightly more tangy soup, you can substitute the cream for plain yoghurt.
Peel carrots, chop roughly and slap in a pot just covered with boiling water and let it rip on the heat. They need more cooking so get them on first. Get a big ass pot out and slap in your dollop of butter and bring up to medium heat. Bung in the chopped leek until it's mostly broken up, then the onion and chunky chopped peeled garlic cloves.
When they're all soft and stuff, bung in the cubed peeled potato and then remove your carrots from that vigorously boiling water you've got them in and chuck them in the big ass pan too. This leaves your water that the carrots have been boiling in. Now bung in a vege stock cube or better yet that Swedish organic shit you get in the health food shops, that stuff is the nuts. Vegetable Bullion or something.
When your vege stock is all dissolved and rocking, bung that in your big ass pan. Slap in the tomato and almost all of the chopped fresh coriander. Leave some of the coriander spare for garnish later on.
Now you wanna get your big ass pot on a low heat, cover it and have it sit there gently bubbling for 20-30 mins or so getting stirred every now and again. After that, everything will be soft but the carrots will probably be a little firm still, this is good. Then pull that off the heat and get in your blender widget and set to work blending it like a bastard. Bang in the cream at this point and more water so it's at the desired consistency. As standard it'll be a thick broth but it's up to you. This ought to make enough to serve 4-6 people.
After that blending, it'll be looking like a wicked soup now. Bang it back on the heat, slap in some salt and pepper and maybe a half teaspoon of garam masala powder. When it's nicely warmed up again, you can serve. Don't boil it! Chuck a few coriander leaves on top of your servings to garnish and utter something suitably chef-like such as 'Voila!' and you're done!
I'd chow it down with lightly toasted olive oil based bread like foccacia or ciabatta. You wont believe you made it.


  1. Do heinz make a similar flavour?

  2. Lovely works Lurks, I'll post a couple of our fav soups when I get home. Soups rock.
    Yet, aparently we all live too exciting, vibrant lifestyles to cook soup:
    'Half of all the money spent on ready meals in the EU is spent in the UK, a report last year found, with Brits shelling out £7,000 a minute on them.'
    Now that is fucking ridiculous. What is it about about us that makes us different from 25-40 year olds in Sweden, Italy or Spain?
    Instead of these fuckers complaining about RipOff Britain and the cost of living, maybe they should start cooking for themselves.

  3. shed: No, but Campbells do. I believe they even put some mouldy old kilt in each can.Ready meals... that's depressing. I've noticed the rampant rise of this sort of thing since I've been in the UK even - Eg. the last ten years. My local supermarket has half the freezer section given over to ready meals. I've never understood it and not because I fail to understand the attraction in a quick cheap meal, but it's that there's plenty of extremely fast meals you can lash up. If I'm by myself, I'll often do a couple of bits of toast and chuck a bit of mackerel under the grill. The whole 'fry up' takes minutes and is vastly preferable.I'm annoyed by the ready meal consumerism because it's impacted on the variety of things which right-thinking human beings can buy. I remember when you could get a bag of cubed rabit in the freezer compartment, for example. Stunning for a strew. Now it's all fake baked spuds, frozen pizzas and vile little parcels of something pretending to be chilli con carne.Jesus Christ, even the fucking newsagents have fridges of sandwiches now. Are you people incapable of even making your own fucking packed lunch now?! (Incidentally, I had a leftover lasagna and cream cheese sandwich on home-made bread for lunch... jeez it was ace)The thing about food is that it's one of the cheapest and easiest ways to enjoy yourself. We're hard wired not to get tired of it. So I just don't understand why people do their utmost to eat the most god-awful crap and of course, hurt themselves physically in the process.

  4. Soup roolz.
    I've discovered you can even chuck in some chopped up left over roast meat (what sort matters not) and because of the way it all kind of soaks up the flavours and stuff it works really well.
    Oh, re: the carrot and coriander, I like a bit of the old ground coriander seed in it too - very nice soup though either way.

  5. our foodshows on tv is hosted by hot blond girls, not guys calling themselfs 'naked chefs'.
    oh, and we got insane amounts of dirt cheap pizza places, that drives the pizza to your door. if they included those in that survey we would come dead last :)