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Monday 9 February 2004

Restoring my faith in TV (Angels in America) [brit]

Last night saw the final part of the 6 hour long (2 * 3 hour episodes) HBO epic, 'Angels in America'.
Quite simply this film - an adaptation of Tony Kushner's play of the same name - was awesome; absolutely stunning, and had us hooked from the very start.
Set in New York during the mid 80's AIDS epidemic, it looked long and hard at difficult questions, rolling the unhappy bedfellows of politics, religion, relationships and sexuality around with enormous skill; and setting against it a cast which couldn't have been any better.
Al Pacino produces what is already (and I agree completely) being known as his best ever career performance, as one of the two principal characters heading towards a 'hard death' with a syndrome which swept almost unchallenged through predominantly gay communities for the best part of a decade.
It's being shown again on Film Four and will undoubtedly be released on DVD, if you get a chance to see it, do - it's quite simply the best bit of TV drama to hit the airwaves in a very very long time; kudos to HBO.


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