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Thursday 12 February 2004

The importance of being Kerry [brit]

A few months ago, a paper was circulated internally which attempted to address the increasingly obvious notion that generally speaking folk don't think too highly of Americans.
The fact that the Bush administration's foreign policies are about as popular as a romantic weekend in North Korea is well known, but it is now of concern to American corporations who are seeing a direct impact on their business brought about by burgeoning and ever vocal anti American sentiment abroad.
The situation, and solution is amazingly simple. A Republican as fundamentally incoherent and backward as George W Bush who is slowly turning the United States into a very real Orwellian society, has absolutely no place being the head of the world's most powerful nation.
If you accept that - and I'm quite sure based on his unilateral responses to any perceived threat since '911' you would do, then the situation can be rebutted by replacing him; with someone who appreciates the notion of level nation partnership and common sense.
This is where John Kerry comes in; the leading Democrat contender for the Democratic Presidential Nomination due shortly. I've followed the race for the nomination quite closely, because quite simply I believe that whoever steps up to number 1600 Pensylvania Avenue next has got to put a stop to Bush's awesomly dim forays into international life.
'Terrorism' is Bush's steadfast autonomic response when asked about anything from their hideous national debt, constantly faltering economy and appalling education services. 'Terrorism' appears again when people question the draconian measures filtering into every facet of daily life; yet only Kerry seems to have the ability to tell folk that really, it's mostly only so much bullshit.
It would take far more time than I have to explain exactly what the medium to long term effects would be of an American society living in the shadow of a non existant propogandised 'terrorist' threat - but I'm sure we can all see for ourselves that such a situation would be far from healthy.
Bush is killing off trust, peace and individual rights on a global basis and I truly hope that Kerry has the ability to kick him out of the White House; the American Presidential elections are one expression of 'democracy' (apologies to Mr Gore, he probably figured that they were indeed democratic) that affects the planet as a whole; and as such I sincerely wish the American electorate would remember that when they go to the polls.


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