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Monday 2 February 2004

The lite(s)-on [spiny]

In an attempt to avoid drowning in CDRs I've slapped in a DVD writer, specifically the LiteOn LDW-811S. It's far too late of hour to contemplate a full review but my initial impressions are:
  • It's small, a good few cms. Could be handy if you're building a shuttle system.
  • Seems to work, haven't had a bad burn yet.
  • Build quality isn't up to my Aopen CDRW & no where near a plextor. Treat it gently.
  • Backs up protected CDs very nicely.
  • CDR writings quick too, 40x

All in all, a nice drive. Not sure if it's really worth the extra over the 4 speed one, especially as this one is only 8x on DVD+ and not DVD-.


  1. have you been able to do 8x on any 4x rated dvd+r's?

  2. Hmm I thought DVD writers would only write up to the speed the media reports itself at.

  3. Some writers have the firmare encoded to allow 8x burns on some 4x media. You can get ax0red firmware to unlock this for all media. I think there may be something in one of the pc hardware mags about it this month.
    Just noticed that the lite-on won't recreate subchannel data, (unlike my aopen cdrw) so no backing up of safedisc 3 discs with this. Think I'll keep my cdrw just in case I need it.

  4. just got one of these writers to replace my aging pioneer A03, very impressed so far, except that it's an OEM, so can't be updated with Lite-On firmware, so no hax0red 8x burning for me (just yet).It did however come with 1 8x rated dvd+r disc, which happily burned in less than 8mins. Lovely :)

  5. Got a Pioneer A05 myself, and I'm very pleased with it. Mostly use Datawrite Red Label 4x media and it has worked flawlessly for me for video, data backup and console games so far. Just got a batch of cheap 'data only' 1x White Label media, and the A05 seems happy to record at 2x without me doing anything special, and the discs work. Only did data backup and a few console game backups on those tho.The Firmware Page is always a good place to look for hacked/RPC-1 firmware for your CD/DVD-ROM or writer.

  6. actually, ricoh 4x rated dvd+r discs will burn at 8x under nero (, but will not under recordnow dx.

  7. I've got the LDW-811S just like Spiny has. It's a fab little burner, make no mistake. However it absolutely and resolution refuses to rip CDDA - it just hangs. Tried all sorts of modes in CDex and EAC, nada. Flashed up firmware, nada. Bloody annoying, I'm gonna give them an earfull about it. Of course Pioneers absolutely own CDDA ripping, I'm having to put my CDs in the Pioneer in Wench...

  8. Hmm, tried ripping a Popa Chuby album with cdex. One tracked ripped with one jitter error. Same track was OK in my Asus cdrw. Tried the same with Exact Audio Copy, which produced no errors.Review here.
    Update: If you care about such thindgs, the 811S just got best of test in 'Custom PC' mag.