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Friday, 30 January 2004

Portable headphone heaven [lurks]

As I mentioned in blog 619 the headphones that come with the Creative Muvo2 are a bit arse. I needed some replacements and a bit of a Google about turned up the Sennheiser PX100. I bought a set for not very much money from Empire Direct. They're absolutely fucking brilliant.
These are the best small headphones I've ever heard. There's also the PX200s for a bit more money but they have a closed-back design and are generally regarded to sound worse than the PX100s.
The case is very nice, the things are band type headphones but they fold up and wind up in the case. I'm not sure how often you'd use it though, I tend to just sort of fold them together and coil the lead around the phones which is a bunch faster - but you might like the case.
At any rate, I thoroughly recommend them for any sort of portable use if you're not the sort that doesn't mind looking daft by cruising the streets with a big set of Hifi cans on the head. Which is probably most of us :) If you're going to splash out money on expensive MP3 players, for the love of God, ditch the in-ear jobs.


  1. I bought some Philips HS510 a couple of weeks ago, which were £9.99 reduced from £14.99, now they are £12.99, most have passed into new season catalogue threshold.
    Anyhoo, they had a fantastic sound quality but the hard plastic neckband didn't like my stiff-white salaryman shirt and rode up and down. Also, they looked soooo gay. I think they'd be fine for walking down a street or rollerblading or whatever youngsters do these days, but for office use I looked (more of) a cunt.
    I took 'em back and bought a pair of in-ear Sennheiser MX-500 £20, and they are very nice but in audiosville they ain't as good as the Philips ones.

  2. Personally, I don't mind some in-ear headphones, the ones I usually use are Sony MDR-ED21LP, they aren't anything flash but they fit well.The headphones I'd like to get are the Shure E2C, but I can't rationalise spending so much money on a pair of in-ear headphones, although I suppose I should since they'll get used at least as much as my hd-590s at home.

  3. That's just insane. If you value audio enough to spend that money, then the only way to go is proper drivers with open back designs. In-ears just aren't in the same league. If I cared that much about it, then I damn well would wear a pair of Hifi cans on the train. The point of portable headphones (despite the fact you fuckers are trying to hijack the blog into being about shitty in-ear headphones) like the PX100s, is that they're collapsable designs which are almost as easily stashed as in-ears. Koss Portapros are another example, which are widely regarded as the best-sounding portables on the market (which are easy to buy, unlike Grado). Only they're far less compact than the PX100s.

  4. So how much are those puppies Lurks?

  5. £21.73 from Empire Direct, which is a good deal cheaper than anyone else seemed to have them - even when you take postage into account.

  6. I've had the PX200s for about 6 months now & been very happiy with them. They far outstrip the crap sound on my work onboard sound card. I like the closed back design tho, as it cuts out the sound of telephones & collegues bleating :)


  7. Well that link got me hunting around and errr..... splooge these meh hearties....

  8. Me & Muz have got those. They rock of course :)

  9. Shame they dont make you speak more often spinypeon :)

  10. yeah, the study is right next door to my eldest daughter's room. Got a habbit of keeping the noise down.