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Sunday 25 January 2004

Shameless and why its great to be Britsh [houmous]

I donÂ’t generally go on about it but I'm really proud to be British.
ThereÂ’s the sense of humour thing and the eccentric thing but its our amazing and unique creativity that I really admire - you only have to look at our 'pop music' industry - I donÂ’t know the exact figures but, despite us only being this tiny island, lets say we produce about 50% of decent music (with the US producing the rest ).
Then thereÂ’s our adverts (easily the best in the world ) and occasionally we can produce some damn good TV although I have literally started sobbing watching one new godforsaken sitcom after another which is so crap it makes me want to give up accountancy and start script writing.
Di was therefore entertained last week to me leaping around the lounge for joy yelling things like 'fucking hell a series about people living on a council estate which isnÂ’t full of caricatures, has believable characters , a script that you can actually imagine people saying, doesnÂ’t suffer from excess pathos, is genuinely funny and errrÂ….cutting edge! Mike Leigh move over!! wooot!!'
I'm talking about 'Shameless' Tuesday nights. ItÂ’s the best TV since The Office - give it a go!


  1. Does it have fit birds?

  2. Mmmmm well its got shagging and Ann Marie Duff....