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Wednesday 14 January 2004

Rainbow Six 3 xbox [slim]

I'm a pretty big fan of the PC Rainbow six 3, Raven Shield, so I wasn't sure if the xbox version would be worth the wonga. Well, it was, as it's actually a very different game.
There's a couple of huge differences. First big one is that there's no planning. Nothing at all. The PC version fucked the plannign up a bit, it was very in depth, but completely useless as the supplied plans were pretty close to perfect and you could very rarely improve on em. Now they're just not there at all, fine. Second, the equipment list has been shortened dramatically. Most of it you won't notice, because all the important shit is still there, there's just less of the obscure smg's and stuff that nobody ever used anyway. The deletion that people will miss is the heartbeat sensor gear, the sensor device itself is missing, as well as the goodies that went with it like false pucks and the ole heartbeat blocker. This single change has a massive impact, you spent most of the PC game running around wearing the heatbeat goggles, now you just don't know who or whats in a room before you storm.
So what's new? Well, every map is, athough some of the actual graphics are re-used. The player models have changed, presumably the PC ones were a bit high detail. The maps themselves are nice, and they're already giving more away on xbox live which is nice. An unexpected addition is the lighting effects and heat signature view from Splinter Cell. The lighting is superb, you can now see the long shadows of terrorists cast from a lantern as they walk around, which almost makes up for losing the heartbeat sensor. The aiming reticule's been changed to accomodate the cackyness of playing an fps with sticks, it's now better when it's bigger, with bullets 'homing in'. Odd, but it works. Oh and the games integrated with Live of course and doesn't have that god awful Ubisoft online system.
The final really smart part about r6 3 is the integration with the headset. Game sounds go through your telly, squad comms come in your ear that's wearing the headset. The ai squad also respond to voice comms, point at something and say go go go, and they go go go. Tell em to hold and they stop. It's very, very cool indeed, makes you feel a part of the action far more than the pc version.


  1. And they managed to get it to understand you when you go 'goi goi goi' and 'hoild'
    That is some fine coding

  2. I'm not Irish you fucking halfwit.

  3. No you're not, but his point about fine coding stands.