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Wednesday 28 January 2004

Sod the Oscars, EED has THE ROXORS! [brit]

Hollywood may be gearing up for the Oscars, but let's get things in perspective - there is only one annual award worth the e-paper it's printed on, and that's Clan Eat Electric Death's ROXORS!
Rather than have a bunch of ridiculous awards celebrating the ritual tedium that is most back slapping trophy wielding ceremonies, let's cut to the chase. We have three awards, and three only (the trophies are extremely difficult to steal in quantity) so get voting for the following:
Award for best cinema film (none of your straight to DVD shit) 2003. Award for most jaw droppingly stupid person in the media. Award for the best game 2003 (PC or console).
Let's be having you then!


  1. Film: Lord of the Rings ('Master and Commander' and Irish/American movie 'In America' tie for a close second)
    Stupid Person in the Media: Can it be anyone other than Dubya and the great hunt for revenge/oil *cough* I mean these famous weapons!
    Best game: Tiger Woods 2004, best game evar!

  2. Film: LOTR:ROTK, moving and violent. Something for all.
    MediaMuppet: Gilligan, who else?
    Game: Call of Duty. MoH to the max duuuuude!

  3. Move: LOTR-ROTKGame: COD

  4. Hmm, I definately think there were better movies but as a cinema-going spectacular, you can't beat LOTR:ROTK. Game, Call of Duty absolutely, Stupid Person in the Media: Gilligan, clearly.

  5. ahh the bloke in the news today wins the media muppet :)
    the power of the internet shows itself :)

  6. Um, I would have called him the muppet before Hutton report was out. Beats giving it the lefty anti-US snorefest imo :)

  7. Which is not to say that Bush isn't a valid candidate for MediaMuppet...
    (COD and ROTK in the other two categories, btw)