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Monday 19 January 2004

A10 ground attack video in DivX [billox] - (12 Mins - 88 megs)
This is a recording of a mission from the sim LOMAC (Lock On: Modern Air Combat) - I believe it's called Lock On: Air Combat Simulator in the UK and Europe because the original title didn't translate too well.
The video shows the mission flown from just prior to the initial attack run, right through to the subsequent (unsuccessful) escape out of hostile territory.
The mission objectives are to conduct an air to ground attack on the oil terminal at Novorossiysk in southern Russia.
A map of the real city can be found here -
The primary targets are tanker ships and containers in the port.
The area is heavily defended by medium range SAMs and AAA, fortunatly the strike team of 2x A10 is assisted by a flight of 2x RAF Tornado IDS who are tasked with suppression of enemy air defences.
After a sucessful strike, the A10s and the Tornados, which are the strike varient, make a
run for it back to Sevastopol on the west coast of the Crimea where they are operating from.
The russians scramble a single SU-27 interceptor which is more than a match for my ickle A10.
The mission was flown using a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stick and a TrackIR2 headtracker.


  1. This is a video called Predator and Prey - made by someone who is rather more adept at producing videos than myself (2m:30s - 25 megs) doesn't seem to work in IE for some reasonOk, I have some more, this one members is a 10 meg video of a German Mig29 against a Russian Mig23, the Mig23 launches 3 or 4 missles at me and after evading them I bring the nose of my Mig29 round for a good firing solution on the Mig23's 6 O'clock (easier than it sounds)
    n.b for some reason the sound was recorded through the mic on my headset and it seemed to be very good at picking up ambient sounds, you can actually hear the sound of my wife cleaning up the forest of empty beer bottles in the kitchen just before I get angles on the enemy mig)
    The second video (10 megs ) is a carrier landing in an SU-33, pretty straighforward, no sound.

  2. But wait, there's more!
    Here is a montage of gameplay footage (4mins) put together to some 80's cheese music 'where eagles fly'
    Great production... unfortunatly I seem to be unable to contact the producer of this masterpiece. I ask him via email on a daily basis of the relevance of the lyrics 'where seagulls fly'....