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Thursday 29 January 2004

Far Cry Demo [beej]

Well the Far Cry Demo is out, and it ain't bad. It's certainly purdy. It is, however, very much Project IGI 3... but that's not entirely bad, as that was a great plot-driven FPS but just not something you'd want to play online.
Good demo this. Worth a squirt.

Amnesia in Mexico, errrrr, you on the terrorist beach

Amnesia in Mexico, errrrr, you on the terrorist beach

Hang on, I've seen this before somewhere...

...but it didn't explode this nicely in HL!

Use your machete with gay abandon. Ooooh the Daily Mail won't like this at all


  1. Whoops, c0x0red up the second screenshot, it's is supposed to be...Tangos with shiny skin... WASTE 'EM!

  2. It must be said, this game looks to be the Best Game Evah! (TM) It looks gorgeous, plays luverly, and the engine is rocking. That said, I am a bit sceptical. The big fat fuckoff transport helo dies in one hit, but the pansy little 5-seater job doesn't die to two. Something wrong there...
    When's it out?

  3. AI is insanely stupid. You get stuck inside rocks. The vehicle control is pathetic compared to anything released the last 4 years. And finally the graphics makes me look out for Mario, because this is a n64 game, no?
    Other than that, it seems to be a nice game...

  4. You're just being contrary. It definately needs polish, that's for sure but hopefully it'll get received well enough that they'll pick up the flaws and make sure it stays in the oven long enough to iron out the nasty bits.
    The AI will always be stupid though really. I mean, it's a French game - just what they gonna model it on?

  5. its a tastething i guess, but the water and overall design just made it feel like diddy kong racing with guns...
    kinda like sof2, the gameworld just isnt believable. pisses me off to see shit like this after masterpieces like cod.

  6. Certainly doesn't piss me off. COD was just the whole MoH stuff done well. Same old Quake engine stuff again. This game looks dramatically different and I'm all for that. They may fuck it up, certainly the gameplay is going to have to have some surprised up its sleeve to reach COD heights though - agreed. A fancy engine and a load of plants doesn't make a good game by itself.

  7. Looks kinda lame to me