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Tuesday 13 January 2004

Review of Quake2 clans [billox]
An interesting look back at some of the top Quake2 clans by some guy called Revilla.


  1. 'Another EED player I still remember was Lotta who was very strange. He would join a server and say the phrase 'I'm naked' before disconnecting immediately. Odd :).'

  2. 'One final thing to mention is that there's a demo floating around of Rude vs Thresh, which is a proud thing to have. I haven't seen it, but I've heard he spends most of the match running ;). I guess anyone would after seeing Billox's fate at Quakedelica' eheheheh

  3. I was standing next to Rude when that game was played, it was the night before the compo, Rude just kept running from him, after about 3 mins it was 4-0 or so, that was as far as the game went. He would have done better than me, but I don't feel I'd have done myself justice by camping in the rail room on DM1 for 20 mins.

  4. im fucking famous :]

  5. You're fucking odd