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Friday 2 January 2004

Sven Co-op 3.0 [beej]

It's okay ashually. Pick up and play no-sneaky kind of braindead action - Half-Life but co-op and with lots of very hard-arse marines and ninjas in PVC. Think Serious Sam. You pick up some guns, you run to where the action is, then you shoot lots of bullets. Lots of 'em!

How to get it working:
  1. Install Steam [FULL][CS flavoured]
  2. Install Sven Co-op [mirror1][mirror2][mirror3]
  3. Let the installer run its course. It looks like its screwing up, but as long as it has found your Steam install, there are no probs. It asks for your original Half-Life as an option - skip this for now, you get maps with it.
  4. Check your key config. It's WASD, but bind the command button (eg. Q)


  1. But....why? There's plenty of games that don't look ancient, why bother with this?

  2. It's ace fun! You're a poofter!