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Sunday 4 January 2004

Looking for a DECT phone [lurks]

Looking to replace my shitty cordless phone/answering machine thing at home. I've got some Philips thing which has been rebadged as BT. It's bloody terrible. It's difficult to retrieve messages and the sound on the handset is far too low. I popped into Dixons thinking they might have one on sale and it'd be good to look at them physically.
They had a variety and most of them look appalling apart from the BT branded ones which all suspiciously looked like the Philips one.
Anyone actually got a decent DECT unit they can recommend? One that looked interesting was the Panasonic KXTCD 735 but a review on amazon mentioned some looniness about retrieving messages and stuff.


  1. I've got one of C$cip=8394>C$cip=8398&categoryId=8398">these. Seems ok, insomuch that when I speak into it people hear me and vice versa. The phone book in it have names restricted to something crap like 8 or 10 chars. And occaisionally it refuses to connect to the base unit to charge corectly for some reason.

  2. I was in this new Bang & Olufson shop under our office yesterday. As with all B&O it's nice design and iff sound. Anyway they'll do you a DECT. Only five hundred notes. Cunts!

  3. I have a different phillips one, and it's too quiet. Not much help to you other than to reinforce the avoid phillips thing.

  4. Which sadly seems to mean avoiding all BT branded units. They're the best design and physical looks etc too. Sigh.

  5. Hi kids, Morrissey the Consumer Monkey here!
    The last which? report (March 2003) said this:
    'Pick of the bunch was the digital BT Diverse 4010 Executive SMS. At £80 from Comet, it's one of the most expensive models, but has useful features such as a 200-number memory with phone book, a call timer, and the ability to support up to six handsets. It has one of the largest operating ranges, the best sound quality, relatively long battery life, and is fairly easy to use. It also lets you send and receive text messages. There's no ringer in the base station, which could cause problems if the handset's out of earshot, though the handset ringer is one of the loudest we tested.'
    There is a similar model with a built-in answer m'phone called the Diverse 4016
    My mate swears by his Philips Kala
    but I can't comment as I've given up phone for the new year. It's got a nice display and you can have two personal phonebooks or share one.

  6. Philips make the absolute fucking worse shit. Is this BT Diverse thing a rebadged Philips? Most of the BT stuff is and for reasons covered earlier, I wont touch those wankers with a bargepole.

  7. I can throughly recommend the Panasonic KX-TCD735E. Does everything you want to. Long battery life for when you lose it and cant put it back in the base station. Good hands free function from the handset or the base station for those long 'we value your call but not enough to employ anyone' waits. Feels solid in the hand. (feels solid in the hand? hehe)

  8. Ooo nice one houmous, that was the one I fancied.