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Thursday 29 January 2004

IL2-FB Online [spiny]

Because I truly rule, I have gone through the pain for you which is setting up Forgotten Battles for on line play, so you don't have to get stuck yourselves.
If you want to play IL2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles on line, here's what you have to do. You shouldn't be surprised by any of it, as we all know how much UBI suck.
  1. Install the UBI.COM lobby app off the sturmovik cd, let it auto update & login (your RS id & pwd will do). This wouldn't be too bad an app...if it worked. The UI is ok, but last night, NOBODY could join or host a dogfight game as the dogfight room was down. Mine & three others attempts at hosting a co-op game also failed with the UBI app telling the host to click 'Start game'. On doing so it bleeted that 'you've already requested to start a game'. Uh?
  2. Alternativeley, download Hyperlobby. It does a very similar job, but with a pretty shit UI. You will need to read the manual that the install sets up a shortcut for.
  3. Thirdly, you can use good ole, ASE. I'm not sure if this picks up all the severs that Hyperlobby & UBI does tho. Time will tell.
  4. Sort out your network shit like this:
    • Forward ports 21000 (IL2FB) & 40000-42000 (Hyperlobby.ubi) to your machine.
    • Set DetectLocalIP=0 in the FB section of the hyperlobby INI file, if you're using it.
    • On the network tab of IL2SETUP, choose your local IP, not the IP of your router.
We'll do some co-op / dogfight soon.


  1. is this much better than the original IL-2 ? as that was easy to set up a net game for (ie. no ubi lameness)

  2. Looking forward to checking this out... hope I can get it down tonight and play a bit before Friday - Im away skiing for seven days then :)

  3. Well, if it's just us, you can join on direct IP. Once you get it set up, it's not too bad. Don't forget the 1.22 patch either.

  4. I'll give you a game Spiny, I have it all setup already. It'll have to be at the weekend though because of the time difference here.
    I have access to a dedicated server on a 2Mbit link that I can setup any which way, and it works in ASE.

  5. Sounds good - although my rigs down atm. Dead monitor :(