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Friday 28 January 2005

Bloody usless ticketmaster [Vagga]

U2 tickets went on sale this morning. The only place you can legally get them is pretty much ticketmaster. Yes yes, there are smaller websites prolly selling them, but ticketmaster is the only ‘offical’ outlet for them. As expected they sold out about 6 shows around the country in about an hour. I remember the Chilli Peppers last year sold out their first hyde park gig in about 10 minutes. Most of these tickets are sold via ticketmaster. I remember when tickets for the U2 gig in slane in 2002 went on sale, about 10 minutes before the tickets went on-sale they were sold out. But ticketmasters website fell over. It was down for the whole weekend with people trying to access it. There was such a mess about it at home the government met during its summer break to pass a law to let them have a second gig, and pass a low allowing ‘quickie’ planning permissions if its for a public event.
Yet still whenever there is something big happening ticketmaster’s website rolls over with its legs in the air!
Maybe my expectations are too high and maybe the Internet cant cope or something, but its all too much for me. Its pretty much all they do is serve a website that sells tickets. When no other fucker is on the site it’s a really good service. I go to more than my fair share of gigs so I use it a lot, but every time there is a massive event some part of their website falls over.
What usually happens is you go to and you either cant get there or you get an annoying message saying “website busy, page will automatically reload in 5 seconds”
But at 9am this morning when tickets went on sale, I got into their site. I saw the tickets, and I actually got to the page where you pick how many you want. Crikey – its working I think.
But no, their e-commerce backend fell over this time. “unable to connect to …” and we have a url like ‘” or whatever.
To be honest its not the U2 tickets, I don’t like the new album at all, and I know someone with 4 who owes me big time as I got him spurs arsenal tickets this year so I will get one there, but for fuck sake, all those cunts to is provide a website to buy tickets for gigs and it ALWAYS falls over :(


  1. I tried this morning and their web site wouldn't respond at all. Then I noticed the date. It's obvious they're headlining Glastonbury so I'll take them in then. Of course... getting Glastonbury tickets will be the hard bit. :-(

  2. I tried and I tried and I tried. Ticketmaster, NME, XFM you name it I tried the web and the phone. Frustratingly I got thru to standing tickets for sunday and then, as you had, the back-end fucked it. I had this with the last U2 tour and I've still never seen them live.
    Oi! Ticketmaster! CUNTS!