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Thursday 13 January 2005

Haiku [Slimbo]

Anyone fancy some Haiku? Japanese poetry where the first line is five syllables, next line seven syllables, and last line five syllables, eg:
Mac Mini sucks piss
Want to shit on its sleek case
buy a cheaper box

What is with mac mice?
Do they think I have a hoof?
Where's the fucking wheel?

Yeah, not great I know. Can you do better? Anti Mac themed!


  1. I love my imac
    it makes your pc look crap
    what else would I need ?

  2. That isn't a haiku, that's called a sentence.

  3. To be fair I think its our form thing stripping his CR's, I'll fixor it...

  4. No sharp corners here
    No buttons, features or specs
    More money than sense

  5. My mind cannot cope
    With programs, settings and games
    Mac perfect for me

  6. a displayless putera player without face smalljobs off his trolleyone loneley buttonstares of scrolling envy to pcget a sporty car