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Friday 14 January 2005

Microsoft is the centre of the world [Lurks]

You hear about how Microsoft does all sorts of strange localisation things to get their products out there in the rest of the world without irritating the locals and putting them off forking over their hard earned cash. Yet one of Microsoft's new products is the increasingly ubiquitous Windows Media Center. Do they spell centre correctly in this country? No, they do not. Why?
In the latest chapter of the marching illiterate distortion of the language which carries the name of our entire fucking country, they are fobbing off this spelling on the rest of the world regardless of the fact that much of the rest of the world speaks English properly.
The only way to stop this is to go to the UN and demand that they stop calling whatever it is they're fucking speaking as English. Let them speak American from now on. Just as the Champagne district in France gets upset when people start lashing that name around any old bottle of cheap bubbly and famous cheese and sausage manufacturing regions in this country are known for doing the same - we should stop them doing it with our language!


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