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Saturday 15 January 2005

(Im)Mobile [Shedir]

Oot on the sauce last night and my mobile was lost, a z600 which I was looking to dump soon anyway.
Call 02, got a great scouser to help!
Stopped phone straight off, but offered an upgrade as I was due one in Feb anyway.
I said nah, Voda is doing 100mins and 50 texts for £15. He said nearest they could do is 100mins and 100 texts for £25.
"I'll see what I can do".
30 secs later, I'll give you 100/100 at £15! Fucksake. I said fine, started listing shite phones. I said nah, 6230 please just like Voda are doing.
Again "hmn thats £99......pause.....OK I can do that".
So a shit morning turned into a nice wee result.
Just got to wait patiently for the postie now :)
Shows the fucking markup vs original price mind you.

What I am going to need tho is software as good as Float was for the z600 and an easy way to transfer my contacts from floats files to the 6230. anyone got any good links for that sorta shit?


  1. FMA only has partial support for the 6230. The Nokia Data Suite will backup/restore as .nfb but I failed to find any tool that would work with that format at all.

  2. You can sync through Nokia PC suite to Outlook. Although not open standards based, it is fairly ubiquitous and getting the data out onto the same or another device is farily trivial.
    Other alternatives are SyncML / WebDav / iCal

  3. Don't know what format Float uses, but Oxygen Phone Manager II supports the Nokia (and lots of other phones), and might do what you need.

  4. Phone arrived yesterday! By courier, SIM arrived by royal mail. Bit of a farce getting it unbarred though.
    They'd given me O2online contact details, so after getting bounced around for ages I tried my old customer service number and am apparently sorted.
    Phone itself is very nice. Very quick to use, but some buttons are a little small (1,4,7,3,6,9) when texting.
    Exported the Float contacts to a windows address book and the nokia software suite popped it across in a few seconds.
    Well pleased. Audio reception is crystal clear got to say, like a class landline.
    Radio didn't work, becuase GPRS was enabled by default. bizarre.
    I'll try the irc proggy on it in a bit, see if that works. No reason, other than skills, it shouldn't I guess!