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Monday 3 January 2005

Devastation [Slim]

Boredom does terrable things to a mans mind. Disgusted with the tedium of the three sunday blues of this new years weekend, I took a roll of bin liners to my beloved den. First to fall was the boxes of all the gadgets I'd been hoarding, no biggie. Next I boxed up all my CD's, since mp3 I never listen to em, although the process of clearing out uncovered about sixty of the buggers that havn't been mp3'ed yet, woot!
Then my gaze settles on all my old pc games, in cardboard boxes taking up shitloads of room in my tiny den, out they go passing the ebay search dialog box on their way to the bin. Only one that appears to have value was an unopened copy of Discorld 2, which shifts for up to 30 notes on t'bay, woot 2!
I'm three bin bags in, next victim is my bit box. SCSI cables bite the dust, floppy disk drives wave goodbye to the world, two iomega zip drives gone, countless transformers for gadgets long died hit the bag and are instantly forgotten. I've no woot to report here sadly, and I even displayed weakness by keeping loads of cat 5 cable despite being wireless and happy.
Then a shitload of kids plastic toys I'd promised to fix but hadn't. Decided they've got enough shit that it's not worth the effort, woot 3!
Next, a box of psx games originals and copies, and yes, in the bin goes my faithful old chipped psx itself, it's drive having given up some years ago, it's only now I can find the strength to chuck it. Not all the psx games went though, I kept a few of the originals that I'd kind of semi forgotten about to run through on the ps2. First in was Wipeout, the first psx game I bought. Euw it looks a bit shit and controls like a dry vag, out it goes. Next in goes Vib Ribbon, its vector graphics look ok still today, and the weirdy jap music sounds pretty cool too. I get about 30 seconds into the first level, look around and find myself surrounded by kids, hypnotized by the thing. They whip the controller off me and play the thing for the next hour, woot 4!
So here I am, sat in an almost empty den. I've still got dvd's that should really go, they're never going to get another watching, and there's a bunch of pc games in dvd cases that should probably hit the bin too, like the multiple everquest disks and shit like that.
My thought as I near the end of the shitfest is that I'll never have to throw out my Half Life 2 box when it's old, I can just press delete. Woot 5!


  1. There's something refreshing about clearing out somewhere and ending up with more space, for sure. I'd have been tempted to eBay the whole lot, you never know if something has a hidden value.

  2. Ever heard about eBay? I heard it's a great place to get rid of old crap like that...

  3. Lots of this stuff is failed ebay punts as it is. I'm a pretty busy ebayer, but I know when I'm beat. Really, this was crap.
    Besides, you can't flog old psx golds eh?

  4. Tell me about it, got tons of old psx golds in the attic somewhere... And tons of other crap
    Iomega 1GB Jaz drive anyone?

  5. I'm due another 6 monthly clean out of my lair now. Huge boxes of cables and random 'things' are the biggest nightmare. Then I clear off my desk (which is fecking huge) only to be covered again in a week or two. I think it's not good for work surfaces to be uncovered anyway, they oxidise or something.

  6. Instead of cleaning out old tat, I managed to get home today only to find that I had bought 6 dvd's of various quality... I really need to clean out my dvd collection, but who wants the crap I don't?