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Wednesday 5 January 2005

Replacement for the Dickens [Lurks]

Almost as old as the clan, The Dickens has been the London pub of choice for our traditional Friday-night piss ups. This venue was chosen simply because I worked opposite St Katherine's Dock on PC Gaming World all those years ago. Those first meetings we used to sit around and talk about Quake, can you imagine that?
The thing is, The Dickens isn't terribly easy to get to for anyone, save perhaps Amnesia, and with the beer costing north of three quid a pint I think that perhaps our new year's resolution should demonstrate that we as a clan are capable of moving on, and we should find another spiritual home that will take us in and nuture us with the finest ales available to mankind.
So let's all pitch in and find us a replacement. Remember, the most difficult thing to do is find some place where we can reasonably get space on a busy Friday evening. I think we're willing to sacrefice our just-after-work table and wait for a bit until they empty out a little before getting seated but no worse than that.

We'll break it in this Friday. Perhaps we should phone ahead to warn them?
Note: Some place where you can actually get food might be nice...


  1. Oh I'll say it then.
    This place must be able to deliver our collective clan body weights in both champagne and sambuca

  2. Vagga suggested the Shaftsbury Avenue Walkabout, being a proper Aussie pub there's no shortage of most of the important aspects like space and booze. I've not been in that one but I've been in the huge Covent Garden one and that's pretty damn cool.

  3. The Walkabout on Shaftesbury Avenue is a cool place - nice and central as well, and it rarely gets massively packed, that I've seen. There's an O'Neills just down from it (not the one near Chinatown which is a nightmare) which isn't bad at all as well, although it may be packed on a Friday - I've only been in there on a Saturday.
    Namco Station (underneath County Hall) is also a decent bar, surprisingly enough - the drink isn't massively expensive, and if there isn't a football match on, the place is usually half-empty on weekend nights. You do have to wade through people playing Dance Dance Revolution to get down from street level to the actual bar area, but as a bonus there's a bunch of shooting games and stuff which work rather well when inebriated :)

  4. Leicester Square is a good central station (for Walkabout) so thumbs up from me on that, plus there are more places around the area to head to.
    Namco Station is slightly more isolated, but good for a laff for diversions like ten pin bowling and games. Definately an option.

  5. Yea, for a few beers and a laugh Walkabouts are cool. We dont have to go there every single time, for the rest of our lives. But in terms of having a few beers they are perfect. They open late 7 nights, they are huge, and have cheap offers all the time, have food (not going to win any stars, but its cheap) - job done really!