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Sunday 9 June 2002

Death to the Miggy! [Beej]

Ten years ago, my Amiga 4000 rolled off a production line somewhere, thinking it was destined for a life of cutting edge graphics and video production. Sadly, it was not to be, and at some point it ended up on my desk, a bastion for warez, gaming, and Voyager development for years of my so-called life. The first thing in months to be stripped naked in my bedroom A4000 rev B - born 1992, put to rest 2002 Today, I stripped it down so I can install it in the bin. Ha! You'll accumulate dust no longer, my friend (geddit? friend? amiga? ahahaha). Anyone want a 4MB graphics card? Cost me £300 four years ago...

1 comment:

  1. Hey, my 4000 is my monitor stand. Testament to how solid it is given that a 22' Iiyama is perched on top of it.