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Saturday 22 June 2002

Net radio dead in the USA [Lurks]

The Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel in the US has had their proposals for a statutory licence for digital audio broadcasting pass through the Librarian of Congress. So these costs are effectively law.What this means is that that the small radio stations will need to pay out around $500 a day. Interestingly traditional terrestrial radio stations don't have to pay such a fee. They only have to pay about 3% of their revenues, and this does not go to the copyright holder, but to the composers.

Effectively this is the death toll for shoutcast stations although it's probably still feasible for larger professional stations like Wolf FM to continue operating. I suppose this had to come but of course what this really means is that services like shoutcast will probably be linked via some peer-to-peer system, effectively going to ground.Moving servers off shore etc wont help because they're still liable for those fees if the operators are residing in the US.


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